Vorwerk vacuum

The ideal solution for hard floors: The Vorwerk Hard Floor Cleaner 5vacuums and mops all in one. Try our Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaner in the comfort of your own home. Our expert advisors will personally give you helpful tips and advice.

Welcome to the Kobold Online Shop. The place for vacuum cleaner bags, filters, attachments, cleaning agents and much much more for your . Kobold VK2Upright Vacuum Cleaner. The Vorwerk Kobold VK1is a premium vacuum cleaning system from the makers of Thermomix.

This model has been carefully designed by the Vorwerk . Vorwerk Kobold is an elite German brand of vacuum cleaners, from the company that produces the Thermomix range. Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaners are . We usually only get excited by vacuum cleaners when they can drive themselves about the house and are an amusing thing to place random . When Vorwerk invented the original Kobold upright vacuum cleaner in 192 it succeeded in building powerful suction into a very small space. With sublime performance, total versatility and sleek good looks, the brand new Kobold VK15 designed to.